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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grief and Sorrow (Naruto's score)

Previously, I already talked about Toshio Masuda and his work on Naruto and Mushishi. Through an event at the school where I'm teaching in, we performed a score from Naruto called Grief and Sorrow. In Narutofan Forum, this score is known well by fans because it was played on Fourth Hokage's funeral day.

The event where I can perform this score was called Anime Week. You can read the complete review of the event here.


Grief and Sorrow is a moderate song; a ballad that played in two major instruments: violin and piano.

Piano will play completely from the beginning to the ending. The left hand takes care the chords. The right hand sometimes plays the melody and other time will make harmony to the chords.

Violin part is divided into 2 times. Please play it with emotion and pay attention to dynamic signs.

About the Arrangement
I made it using Yamaha Clavinova for manual arrangement then put it into Sibelius software for score writing. Surely I cannot arrange it 100% like the original. I prefer to play freely, especially for piano chords. My suggestion is that you put your own emotion. By that way, the score becomes more powerful. It is also suggested that you hear the original composition.

Level of Difficulties
This song is actually pretty simple. Especially for violin, it's still suitable for beginners. Students of elementary school can play it.

Free goody! But please follow my disclaimer
Yes, I give it for free. Just click here, then click at the picture to enlarge, right-click and choose Save picture as. Or at the left part of the page, click Download
Please remember that the score sheet may NOT distribute for any commercial work. You can only spread it for educational & non-commercial events.



Download info: here
Download file: here


lord_rrj said...

can you please make a piano sheet for the naruto theme song
"sandaime funeral"
please... i love that song and i want to play it please... thanks..

lord_rrj said...

thank you for this wonderful music...

mitayashi said...
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mitayashi said...

my pleasure, rjj ^^