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Sunday, September 28, 2008

NARUTO's girls in fashion (ver. 1.0)

I always pity the girls in Naruto since their fashion is... out of date. ごめんなさい。 (-"-;)A

That's why I decided to make the girls wear something different. At least, it represent their personality. So, these are the result. Click it to enlarge. (^-^)/ *have fun*

Left to right:
Temari, Tenten,
Hinata, Shizune (テマリ、テンテン、ヒナタ、シズネ)

click at the picture to enlarge!

Complete fashion gallery: click here
(as published in mitayashi の 前, 2008/5/02)


It's pretty funny. I post the designs at two sites. One in deviantart, another at flickr. The designs reach the popularity at flickr. I wonder why. Maybe because I am a member of fashion club? (Because anime/manga club in flickr is not as much as in deviantart)

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