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Saturday, October 4, 2008


Produced in 2006, Bartender is probably the first anime where documentary and fiction took a step. In the beginning, it looked like as a fiction story but the loads of information about wines made it clear as a documentary with a touch of fiction as illustration.

Contained of 11 episodes, Bartender was an adaptation of a manga with the same title. Each of them talked about a kind of wine/alcohol/cocktails like the history and recipe. With Sasakura as the bartender, accompanied with several characters, each of them gave a pretty detail information.

I personally could not say that the graphic quality is superb. It's pretty standard (except for Hemingway's Daiquiri, episode 11). Since it was a documentary series, it was also lack explanation of characters. Sasakura has some backgrounds to be told but many thing remained mystery.

Catchy Stuff..

The good thing was the narration. The voice over was beautiful and sounded calm. It was interesting to see that at the last episode, the narrator came to the bar and talked with Sasakura.

Another beautiful thing was the songs. Both opening and closing were performed by Natural High. The influence of jazz and J-pop are nicely mixed. The ending song, though not really related to the theme, was a beautiful ballad of... school life!

Third thing best of this series is the score. Kaoruko Ohtake - who I suspected as a member of Natural High - put jazz and its variation into the series. It's really rich with natural instruments like piano, trumpet, and bass. Sadly, not much information about Natural High nor Ohtake in the internet.

For those who want to know about the history, recipes, and kind of wines, I suggest you to watch Bartender.

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