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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Naruto Score: Sakura's Theme

It's not easy to find music score sheet in deviantart. However, somehow there was just a way to find. As Chrono-crusader accessed my page, I found out he made a score for Naruto, too. Though he wrote it for trombone, I see it suitable to be played with piano, violin, guitar, and maybe other instruments that played in G cleff (or 'cleff of G'?)

Sakura's theme has an oriental feel in its tune. Maybe the composer tried to fit it with Sakura's appearance. The fact that Sakura is always using a chinese dress style, probably a sign that Sakura is influenced by chinese culture though no China in Naruto's world.

In the end, all that I can say is thank you for Chrono-crusader for giving permission on using his work. And for you, hope that you can enjoy the song! ^0^/

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