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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Updating site: Features

I'm full until December so updating this blog will be a bit slower. By this month, all that I can do is adjusting the layout first. As you can see, I add a quiz box and uStalk!

The quiz box will be mostly serve anime/manga/Japanese-stuff things, from geography to culture. It's only a not-so-serious quiz, though.. so please have fun answering it ^_^

The other one is uStalk, which is originally Blogger's feature: Follower. So, whoever follow my blog will be automatically in the list. If the person's blog has no correlation to my theme, I will simply favorite them.

Enjoy you day, folks!


Sofia said...

HI, I like your blog! Tried havin a guess at the quiz, but probly wrong :(

Hope you keep blogging x

mitayashi said...

aw, thanks! I red your blog. I like philosophy things! yours nice!

lol, don't worry to make a mistake. when i close the quiz, i shall reveal the answer ^_^