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Monday, November 17, 2008

Public Honesty :D

No, I'm still busy with the work until the mid of December. T_T But whenever I have time, I write in a draft style. You will read them later.

More readers
So, first of all, I'm happy that my blog is now taking effect, even by a slow progress. Lol, I cannot help it since I divide my life in 4 location per day. Readers are coming and some of them left me positive responses. Other blogger owners are coming and with my pleasure I add them on my blogroll. All are unique and worth to see.

Probably some of you see my visitor counter suddenly decreases. Don't worry. During the test, I keep connect myself to the web. Now I put it to the normal count. ^_^

On the Job List <.<
Aw! It will be long for December task, I think.
  • Music score: I am going to give a score of an anime with a woman as the main character. Her weapon is a spear. Guess!
  • I'm going to make some changes to the header of this blog as I mention month ago. Hopefully, I can make it...
  • Anime review: I usually review the anime story. Next, it will be a specific character I am going to review. A male with a bad reputation in the past but recently try to wash his sins by doing good. Can you guess?

Other announcement will come soon

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