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Friday, November 28, 2008

Ze-ro attack of bishi-ness

When I lurk on some forums, a member called Yumi asked about the submission. Yumi/Ze-ro's style is completely bishounen-style; a very delicious way to draw. For example, this Insane in Pink which I believe a fanart of Bleach


uh, yes.. it's Bleach!

I like the way Yumi made the outline manually then combined it with computer graphic. The way the coloring blended with the manual coloring was smooth.

However, just because Yumi is a fan of bishie, doesn't mean she never drew girls. One of the collection was called Gothic Lolita with a pretty dress-up girl.

So, check the complete works of Yumi at the website.
WARNING: some pictures are contained of adult materials. Do not access if you're bellow 20. ;)

1 comment:

Future said...

Lol,Turned espada girly :P