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Monday, December 15, 2008

Return from the Dark :D

First, apologize for an idling blog. My life was rushing for about 3 weeks, full bloody emotions :D

Second, apologize for a mistake on posting Kenshin (Reflection) & Fuse (Jin Roh): Under the Ghostly Sin. The draft was written about 2 weeks ago, but I forgot to change the date. So, nobody - probably - has notice that it must be on the first page since three days ago. (^_^); By posting that article, I fulfilled one of my promise to write about 'a man with a scar at his cheek'.

Third, a good news is... if you notice, I made a sister blog with other owners, Anime Vocalist and Ryvius (owner of Ongaku). It's so refreshing to have allies. We have some plans and projects to go. Our first project will be posted soon when everything is ready. ^o^ yay!

Fourth, many thanks for friends, allies, bloggers, for those who already give their attention, critics, and suggestions. I'm really appreciate it. Surely, I keep improve this blog though it takes time due to my real life activities.

Thank you and thank you.. (:

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