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Monday, January 5, 2009

Balsa Hashiru -from Seirei no Moribito-

Balsa Hashiru from Seirei no MoribitoThe need of explanation...

It's my second time to work on Seirei no Moribito's score though the time was separated pretty long. You might get confuse to see 5 groups of violins here, with very simple pianika and sound of cello. This arrangement was made for the school where I'm teaching. Actually, they only learn violin but some students were moved into pianika/singing class. The violin teacher can both play violin and cello. So, in case we need a performance, he can handle it (while my job is to conduct).

In real orchestra, seems that Violin I will take part where the tune is highest comparing with other violin groups. But in my case, I let my violin I group to handle the lower (and main tune) since they are already mastered to play fromG to E strings. Violin 4 & 5 are consist of elementary grade 2, and usually still play between A and E strings.

Adapting to original: suggestion for you

Please keep in mind that Violin I in my arrangement version is the main tune of the whole score. So whatever instrument you choose, you can use this sheet. The woodwind, especially basson or trumpet can fit the nuance of the score. The sound of cello (in original score, it was probably double bass/contrabass) can also be replaced with piano.

This score was first time heared at the scene where Balsa jumped to the river in order to save the prince. I couldn't remember which episode, but it was between episode 1 to 3. However, the version you will hear there has been cut. Go to to get the complete tune of Balsa Hashiru.

The song is considered fast (metronome: 150) or allegro. It's full of tension, and expect you to play with powerful bow (if you're violinist), yet you must pay attention to dynamic signs and carefully craft your emotion there. For beginners, it might be 'troublesome' to play as original tempo. In my opinion , playing at tempo 120 is still appropriate.

Download page & additional info: here
Download file: here

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Ryvius said...

Love That song so much!!! Wanted to do a piano version of it right after I watched the series...

mitayashi said...

whoa! thank u, Ryvius! ^_^
Seems you enjoy fast & thrilling scores like Balsa Hashiru and Sprinting Spirit.

Then I wait to hear your version ^_^
Do your best, keep rocking!