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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hajimari no Hito ~from Bartender~

The Big Project is OUT!

At last, I can launch the project that I work with Anime Vocalist and Ongaku. Million thanks to my sister-blogs cooperation. Without their help, this project will never be done properly. If usually I only put here the music sheet, this time I also provide:
  • the translation (bellow)
  • the full song version (mp3)
  • ringtone (mp3) ;
and with the support from the sister-blogs, you still can get:
  • article by Anime Vocalist about how to sing this song (will be post on early February. I will make announcement on its launch)
  • piano accompaniment for singing (karaoke) which is provided and played by Ryvius of Ongaku at youtube for live performance and... yes, Ryvius is the one who made the mp3 karaoke also. For the live performance, I highly recommend you to see. Even it's a simplified version, it doesn't lose the spirit of the song.
For pianist, by hearing Ryvius' version, you can figure out how your left hand shall play (even if both of your hands serve as accompaniment, the pattern remains the same). You can also hear where he puts the emotion, clearly, by placing the crescendo and decrescendo.

For musicians, you can use the score that I made which I hope is the closest one to the original. For detail, read the next chapter.

About The Song: Interpretation

I already talked about this song, a little, at my article Bartender. You can read it there. To make it easy, I divided the song into 8 sections. It contains 2 major sounds: violin and voice. The voice part takes almost 90% of the whole song while violin only fills some part. The 8 sections are divided in letters from A to H. Each, represents part of the song like 'reff', 'bridge', and others.

As for me, this song is more for advance level for both singer and musicians due to its complexity. But surely it's a good challenge for intermediate level to try.



Download page: here
Download file: here
Supplement (free) locations: karaoke (mp3) by Ryvius


(note: It's really hard to find the complete translation in English. The first time I found the translation at Tabikarasu and just directly save it. Now, for some reasons, especially for its beautiful lyric, I decide to translate it into English. However, my translation will be note a literal translation from Tabikarasu's version. There are adjustment according to my own interpretation. )

Hajimari no Hito
(The Origin of Human Being)

Performed by: Natural High
Music by: Kaoruko Ohtake
Anime: Bartender

Hey, I will never forget you though now I'm in love with somebody else
Even now I still feel guilty every time I remember that
Hey, I will never forget. At the ground's corner, there was a blue bench
We wrote our name then you looked at me
Though it was childish and our hands were sweaty, but we kept holding hands

Ten years had passed, nothing had changed and suddenly that memory returned
Though it hurts that I'm not in love, but why am I crying now?
At the last page of the final yearbook album, there was a tiny message
'Thirty years from now, this heart will always remember you more than anyone else.'

Hey, I will never forget we drew our own country in the world map
like little kids, we promised and laughed
That book was kept somewhere, the memories fell apart

Ten years had passed, nothing had changed. We will never ever meet anymore.
In these busy days, this body is entrust to someone but why I'm crying now?
Though it was a fainted love, but inside this little shaking chest I feel relieve.
Thirty years from now, I will always remember you in this chest.

Really, for what purpose we are living just to be broken like this?
For who? I will make sure with every way
However, I want to believe that someday I will understand
Someday I will reach. (So) I thanking (God) for walking this path
And a snapping time will come.

In that final yearbook album, on the last page, there was another message left.
'Thirty years from now, you are you, the person whom is inside me as the origin human being.'



Ryvius said...

Hihi! Cool post! Thank you for giving me such a nice task. It was a lovely song to cover...

mitayashi said...

I'm the one who feel grateful for your enthusiasm on making this project happened ^_^

I'm looking forward for more cover version of yours ^o^/


Jose M said...

Thank you for this beautifull song!! It is awsome.

May I ask you for a little and humble request? Do you have by any chance the music sheet for Piano?

If you have it, very very very very please send it to my mail; I am very fond with this song and I like to play it on piano. Unfortunatelly I am just an amateur student, therefore my skills with the keyboard are totally limitated by a music sheet (my earing sucks!!).

Thanks again. I hope you find some time to answer.

mitayashi said...


I already sent my answer directly to your mail.

Basically, the "Voice" part can be replace by right hand for piano (melody) and your left hand works on the bass and chords. Even the "Violin" part can be replace by right hand of piano, too. Maybe you can put it one octave higher than the melody.

I also suggest you to see Ryvius piano version. Because it's basically same to the score I released.

Chan said...

awesome...been looking for a translation for this song for awhile.

do you think the songs about the person growing up themselves and looking back, or just purely bout a past relationship?

mitayashi said...

hi Chan,

I personally imagine the woman keeps her past love secret. She already has lover right now but somehow the memory of her 'young love' just popped up.

So this is about her memory, how she deals about that, how's her feeling, and her resolution.

to answer your question, it's a past relationship but it's hard to say. I think she's still expecting though she knows it's impossible.

ps: i lurk to your blogs. nice :)

Chan said...

Was listening to this song on my pc when I wondered what the lyrics were again, and googled it, ended up here again ! Somehow a pleasant surprise. Even saw my own comment there haha...guess the songs bout first love that somehow sticks in the mind even if ya found someone..

mitayashi said...

@Chan: lol, yeah,.. i think it's that what the lyric tried to say.. :D
welcome back :D

ndqanh_vn said...

well, Hajimari no Hinto literally mean "the first one", and the title just mean she refers to the man as "you will always be my first love".

What's going on with that "the origin of human" ???

Anonymous said...

Hello do you have a pdf version?

mitayashi said...

no pdf at all. please read the FAQ section for details.