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Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

I am still in full schedule, so it's kinda take time to upload my big project. But until I can release the big project, please enjoy Balsa Hashiru that I'm going to upload right after this.

To all of you, Happy New Year. Hope you can achieve your goals, get your happiness, and living a peaceful life. From Dec 31st, I already 'shut-down' myself from internet and today is my 1st day to login again. During those idle days, as I mention earlier, I did a lot of thing. I just finished my drawing that I plan as part of the new skin for this blog. I will work on finalizing it after the big project is released first. ^_^
My music theory course will start soon. Hopefully, this lesson will improve my ability in hearing orchestration sounds and makes my arrangement skill better. Meanwhile, I start reading music theory books and watching orchestra drama like Beethoven Virus (Korea).

Again, Happy New Year!

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