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Friday, February 6, 2009

Brave Soul

Satomi Hakkenden was produced by TBS for 2 series only. It was an epic story where adventure, magic, and war met based on Kyokutei Bakin's novel in Edo period.

The ending theme was worked by S.E.N.S. who is famous for their works on both J-dorama and anime. The music score in "a classic drama" called Asunaro Hakushou or in several country was called as Ordinary People was made by them. Other than that, S.E.N.S. also worked the OST for Kuroi Phantom Memory and xxxHolic.

About Brave Soul

Mainly, the song use piano, electric drums, violin, cello, and Japanese flute. However, if you hear it carefully, you can sense that the whole instruments are electronic/programmed keyboard. This is easily can be understand since S.E.N.S. is consist of 2 persons as group. It's not easy though, to play gliss with violin yet it's not impossible for a pro. The song has a taste of Oriental (Chinese influence) even the story is purely Japanese.

I'm having some trouble during working the digital writing, especially changing the clef of G to F (because of cello part). :D That is why I needed to pending the release though it was 99% done from long time ago. Apart from technical difficulty (for the first time facing too many octava and changing clef), I also wait for confirmation on the music download. The person I contacted just leave the rest to me and said no need to quote him. I thanking him for letting me using his huge collection of J-dorama score!

In the end, enjoy the song, enjoy to play!


Download page: here
Download file: here
Information about Satomi Hakkenden (J-dorama): here


Geilean said...

do u have full piano sheet of this, i search it for so long time ady..

mitayashi said...

@ Geilean:
hi Geilean, i am sorry but we don't provide a full sheet for piano for any of our sheet music collection. Respective chords are given, and you can search websites and books that sell about chords.