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Monday, February 23, 2009

Copic Attack!

Though I rarely have time to draw, I still enjoy to see around. I sometimes work with COPIC though the result is far from *cough* perfect. Copic is a trademark of marker, if you're not familiar with the name. It's generally used by graphic artist and of course, mangaka, too. Kishimoto Mashashi -- mangaka of Naruto, Umino Chika --mangaka of Honey & Clover; are two from many mangaka who coloring with marker. From Umino's art book, it was even so clear that she used COPIC in coloring (tutorial pages).

So, I want to show you some great COPIC artists from deviantArt who really have potential for greater result. Two of them are listed as my friend, other two -- I just dig them by searching. Please appreciate their work by visiting their page. ^_^


Original link: here

What I really like is the skin tone. You can see how they mixed together from the softest skin color to the bold one. Once I asked her the Copic she used for skin tone and she answered my question and that's how we became friend. Her pen-line works are also nice. You should check her gallery.


original link: here

Lovely mixed colors! I think her choice. Lines are bold, but feminine. Overall there are so many tiny details like the 'snow', the belt, and the clock. Hopefully, this artist can produce more Copic works!


Original link: here

Another artist from U.K (besides Nyrus-Manga), who has big chance to be a pro. When first time seeing his art, I asked him about the skin tone (again?) and wow... he still remembered to answer that question (it took a long time because he needed to check first. LOL). That makes me appreciate him more. I see improvement in his coloring style. So,... we'll see in next 3-4 years from now? ;) Good luck, Aston!


Original link: here

Very lovely coloring. Rather than seeing a COPIC result, I feel like seeing a poster coloring work. I don't know anything about this artist but I really hope she can be an illustrator if she can keep her coloring quality like this. ^_^

Ok, that's my 'spying result' for today. Hope, you get inspired. b^_^d

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