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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Find The Way ~Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED~

If you think this song belongs to Gundam Seed, you've it wrong. The same song is also played on a J-dorama called Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi.

I haven't watched the J-dorama version so I cannot give any appropriate review. However, the song itself is worth it to be played. Nakashima Mika is a true singer with multi-talent ability. She sings from pop to jazz, gospel to rock. Her voice in anime can be heard on Blood+. For J-dorama, her songs are also used in Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi, Dr. Koto Shinryousho (for song Gin no Ryuu no se ni Notte), in Haken no Hinkaku (Mienai Hoshi), in Ienaki Ko 1 (Sora to Kimi no Aida ni), in LIFE (Life), and in Tentai Kanzoku (Will). For J-movies, the most memorable is surely NANA.

Find The Way - Some notes for you

I decided not to make a complete instrument parts and only some basic things. I had some difficulties doing this score. *sweat drop* So I just did what I can.

The song is pretty challenging. The chords are mostly coming from accidental/ornamental chords. You'll find a lot of "augmented" and "diminished" chords which enrich the whole song. For beginners, it might be too hard. For intermediate player, surely it's a challenge. For advance player, I think it's good for your practice. Especially to memorize the chords. =)

3 Pages of Music Sheets
Page 1 & 2 are consist of the song notes and chord. What special is page 3. This time I put the chords chart for you buuuttt... only for hard chords like the diminished and augmented only. So, even the intermediate player can play this song. And of course, I put the song lyric (page 3, left) and the translation at the right.

Though the song sounds sad, for me, rather than calling it as ballad, I prefer to say that the song encouraging people to 'find their way' of living. So please don't put too much sadness on they way you play. If you had ever heard Only Human by K (J-dorama: 1 litre of tears/1 litre no namida), the energy and feeling of Find The Way is same to Only Human. I suggest you to read the whole translation as I refer you at the bottom of my article.

The rest is... happy playing! (:

Download info page: here
Download file: here

Lyric's source had been directly written in page 3 of the song's sheet.

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