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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pimp Up the Characters! (And we love them so..)

I always love people who draw anime character in their own style and change their fashion style. It is so refreshing to see that kind of works.

So, I have several friends who creatively always do that in deviantArt, and here they are:

(click at the picture to go to the page link!)

She always draws with details. I think that is why I always enjoy her works. Her traditional work is always interesting to see because you can imagine what textile she used in her drawing.

From two sample that I post here, I love the shoes and hair color that she developed. ^_^


Sarukiaskribbles has her own way on drawing. I love her idea for halloween (left), especially the shoes. I just feel she would be very cute if she uses it. ^_^

"Helena" (ballet) is a beautiful work. The dress looks very feminine, yet also comfortable for dance. I think it will be even great if any ballroom dancer uses it! ^_^


ans-pencil is one of my favorite artist who has a strange way of drawing. Her lines are mostly look like wayang (puppet) -- it's less proportional but yet it's an interesting work. Her colors are always vivid and she has a nice sense of fashion. ans -- that's how I always call her -- is a fan of Bleach. So her drawing is mostly about Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji.

She also can do the art digitally, and it's so great with details!

Ok, that's all my review. Hope you can enjoy the fashion as I enjoy them. And please visit their page, so you can see more fashion drawing from them :)

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