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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Always Be With You ~from Kodomo no Omocha~

I finished this "request" (not officially request :D ) for chika-chin. From 3 versions I've heard, I choose the instrumental version. This is not only a simple version but also rich with instruments to play with. At least guitar, violin, clarinet, and piano are used. I consulted with my brother, and on his opinion, actually the song used 2 guitars: a plain acoustic guitar and a 12-strings one. My own problem was to identify the instrument. In the beginning I thought I heard oboe, but when I tried to find the fittest sound, it was clarinet.

For 2 Level

I purposely made this song for 2 kind of levels. The file "Always Be With You.jpg" is for level 1 (basic) and 2 (basic - intermediate). Another "Always Be With You - variation.jpg" is for intermediate player (level 3) to advance (level 5).

So what's the differences? I see nothing different, you may say. The differences aren't located at the notes but at the chords. The variation version has more chords and more harmonious. Whichever you like, just play as it suits your style!

Rolling Request

Speaking about request... if you have song or score that I may can work, just let me know. For this year I accept 10 requests; one had already filled with Always Be With You. So there are 9 slots more to go. Leave the message (song title and anime/drama/movie title) at the facebook discussion thread or through twitter orrrrr... simply left your message at the shoutbox below. The list of the taken request shall be announced at the facebook discussion thread.

PS: chika-chin is now a friend of j-mAdness!


Download page: here
Download file: here


Chika-Chin said...

Yay~ Love you!! *hugs and kisses*

mitayashi said...

lol, my pleasure XD