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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Minor Update: j-mAdness is a socialista? :D

As you can see, I change the layout a little. Now, at the left, you have option to Feed and to Share j-mAdness with your needs/social-links. Add me on your bookmark (button under every post), share me, feed me as you like. It will help this site to grow. :)

Officially, j-mAdness profile is on facebook as you can see at the right side. Also, if you want to know what article or activity are on schedule at j-mAdness, I update it at twitter (or click at Activity & Schedule on the right bar). I may give you some hints about what music I'm working on my Clavinova, or on writing in my Sibelius, or.. ready to update here.

Also, feel free to add me in your social net especially if you have facebook or twitter.

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