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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mosaic Kakera ~from Code Geass~

So, how many of you can guess the title? At my previous post, I gave you the hint "mosaic fragments" at the last paragraph. :D

Yes, Mosaic Kakera means Mosaic Fragment. The song was popularized by SunSet Swish and was used as 2nd ending theme for Code Geass. The song sounded as ballad though not a very sad one. Using a lot of minor chords also proofed this song as a sad song. But if you look at to the lyric, I think it was more about to ponder about his life.

I don't think that the song is hard. Minor chords are pretty easy. And since you play at C#, all that you have to think is to add half notes from C (if you have difficulties to remember the chords). Beginners, this is your chance to sharpen your skill ;)

Happy playing!

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Additional supplement

Mosaic Kakera ~ SunSet Swish's video clip~:


Anonymous said...

can i play with violin? : O

mitayashi said...

sure. there's no restriction in music. feel free to play with any instrument(s) you like.

since the clef is G, you can play it with your violin.

Anonymous said...

can I place with a viola?? :S

mitayashi said...

you can play with viola. if you need me to change the clef, let me know.