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Monday, March 2, 2009

Two Themes from Eureka 7

It was a total busy week. I had a lot thing to do. Actually, I wanted to release a song from Code Geass (aheeemmm... well, I must reveal my plan...) but due to the craziness of last week, I hold the project. Last week, I had to finish the writing of Eureka 7 which is going to be used for school concert (backup planning if the main violin teacher didn't provide it by Friday). Since he didn't come up with any music sheets that day, I simply used mine. We did a review (of the last concert) and preview -- I mean -- listening to Eureka 7's tracks.

Disney's song?...

Hey, strange. Many of my students said that Nirvash typeZero is actually Disney score. I never know it before. So, if somebody can confirm whether this score is really from Disney or real originally from Eureka 7, please let me know. Personally, I think that the Disney song was just similar but not the same song to Eureka 7.

The How-To...

First of all, do not expect that my version would sound same to the original composition. Since it's going to be played by elementary school (where their skill are pretty poor), I must simplify the score. So, any beginner who reads this blog can try.

Second, I had some difficulties during transfering the notes into Sibelius. Violin 2 and 4 actually had some (complicated) triol -- hard to explain here -- so I just left it blank and taugh the students directly using the whiteboard.

Third, I changed the pitch of the music. The scores are played at lower keys but I changed it into D and G. I keep the tempo same for To Wish Upon The Star. Luckily, Nirvash typeZero can be played as 4/4 with the same tempo with the previous song.


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