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Friday, April 10, 2009

Darker Than Black: Tsuki Akari

At last, I can release this piece of simple, yet a very nice song from Rie Fu.

Darker Than Black was an anime that taken espionage and politic in the same place. The story walked in medium pace with a combination of gloomy and gag that probably not every otaku could accepted. For me, as personal aspiration, I love the surprising plots and of course... I love the characters.

Though many were left undeveloped, mostly had no clear past, I found most main characters were interesting. The relationship of one each other as human, as protagonist - antagonist, as a syndicate made the story's logic looked believable. Take a look at Hei and Yin. I expected *cough* some love story between them but no explicit images for blossom love. Instead, their relationship as 'contractor' and 'doll' were told bluntly.

Tsuki Akari: A theme for Yin?

If you see the clip for Tsuki Akari, Yin was the main person there. I felt like Yin was a trapped soul as a 'doll' whom -- by her own choice threw her human part, became a doll, but somehow returned to question her own humanity. The clip seemed symbolized her loneliness by picturing her sitting on the surface of the water, watching the moon.

The first 2 refrains (translated):
Underneath this moonlight, without anyone knowing
I was only calling out your name
I searched for the future forever
Within this light…

Underneath this moonlight, without anyone knowing
I was only calling out your name
I believed in a quiet love
Within this light…

were probably the only explicit evidences of her feeling toward Hei. I felt an urgent for her to call Hei in intimate way but there was a block. Probably their silent manners created it. So,.. did she successfully call Hei? Hehehe, you must watch the series until the very end. For those who already watched, I believe you guys had known the answer ;)

Characterization of Tsuki Akari

It is a simple song. For the melody, I think a level 2 of any musician should be able to perform. For the chords, especially pianist up from level 3, this is what you should know:
the Fsus4 is the soul of the song. Fsus4 is contain of F-Bb-C. Starting from Part B (bar #10), it is where the Bb-C are played 2x in a bar. The sound in a bar shall be like this:

| F F Bb_C Bb_C |


F is a 1/4 note.
Bb C are 2 connected 1/8 notes.

Well, it's kinda hard to explain. So, take a hear from the video bellow, at lenght 0:27.

The video I provide is the same version to the mp3 I attached on the zipped file. Anyway, the song originally played with piano, guitar bass, guitar acoustic, violin (and probably a group of violin -- due to the pizzicato sound that I heard), drum kit, and some other minor instruments. So you can play as a group or just solo. I have a very brilliant performance that I found in youtube. The person whom I suspected as a male, performed Tsuki Akari with violin, accompanied with original karaoke.

I hope someday, if you play the song/score using my sheet music, how it to me. I would be very happy to see it ^_^

So, happy playing,.. and ENJOY!


Download page info: here
Download file: here


"Tsuki Akari" - Darker Than Black ending version: here
"Tsuki Akari" - Rie Fu's video clip: here
"Tsuki Akari" - by The Screamer, streamed by Tuengxx: here
"List of Darker Than Black Character" - Wikipedia: here


Anonymous said...

is it complete? i love this song. unfortunately i cant find the 2nd page. thanks a lot for the post.:D

mitayashi said...

It is complete. I had checked the rar file (direct download) and pages are packed with mp3.

I think you have to re-download. Maybe your download was interrupted so it didn't give all pages.

Anonymous said...

where is the video length of 0.27 posted? i cant seem to find link to download/hear it. hope u could tell me or post it. :)

mitayashi said...

from the two video there, take the upper one. I just played the video, it works well. you can hear the part that I mean at length 0.27 as well..

Melinda said...

Aaah I love Tsukiakari.Umm im just wondering, do you have a piano midi for this song or do you know where I can find it? I found a website that has the midi but it was in ''piano + voice'' not the whole song in piano.... =(

mitayashi said...

I am sorry Melinda, I don't know where to get the midi file for Tsukiakari.