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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Konoyo no Uta (from Black Cat)

After having difficulties with deviantart, at last I can post the newest arrangement that I finished. This time, a calm waltz from Black Cat called Konoyo no Uta, was composed by Iwasaki Taku.

The song is pretty easy in original, I make it double easier by removing ornamental notes for right hand (piano). So all that you play by using my arrangement is a total solo. All levels can play this score without any difficulty, I suppose. For beginner, I write manually the 'hard' chords, like Bdim, Dm7, etc. So you can't say you can't play it. For senior player, I suggest you to change the style into jazz. I'm sure it sounds nice, too.

Originally Konoyo no Uta was a singing composition. This piano version seemed a bit longer. I hardly got the correct lyric, but hopefully the one that I posted bellow would be the best. It was also the only source that accompanied with translation.

For me, the song was not a sad song. In some part I felt really touched and 'thrilled' with its simplicity. The interesting part was because the song had the influence of Japanese traditional song. So it really suited the main character who was originally a Japanese (and wore kimono). In this case, Iwasaki had trully success to give the fittest 'spirit' the song and merged it to the character.

I hope you can enjoy the score.

by Iwasaki Taku

Uta wo utaou
Daichi no uta wo
Kaze wo idakou
Hikari abite
Hoshi wa mada taki
Machi wa kinameku
Fuwa fuwa fururin
Menai komete

Uta wo utaou
Sekai no uta wo
Doko made ikou
Sora wo aoide
Hito no ubu koe
Mushi no habataki
Fuwa fuwa fururin
Omoi nosete

Fuwa fuwa fururin
Hoshi towa kitto
Fuwa fuwa fururin
Sora ni todoku

Let's sing a song
The song of the Earth
Hold the wind in your arms
Bask in the light
The stars are twinkling
Shining down upon the streets
Light and Bouncy
Be full of hopes.

Let's sing a song
Let the song of the world
Travel forever. Looking up to the sky,
The sound of people talking
Insects jumping
Light and Bouncy
Taking my hopes with it.

Light and Bouncy
Tomorrow will definitely
Light and Bouncy
Reach the sky.



Download page: here
Download file: here
Lyric source: here

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