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Monday, April 13, 2009

Month of Waltz

I'm actually in rush, preparing drama soundtracks (and editing songs) for the school's end semester concert. One of the request is to prepare the kids doing waltz.


Lol, yes. Waltz. So,.. since I have some real classic collections, especially Strauss, I can easily pick any of them. But you know... I'm an OTAKU. So I am thinking of several nice waltz to be pick for the dance. And these are the list:
  1. Waltz for The Moon (Final Fantasy IX)
  2. Last Evening (Code Geass 2)
  3. Light Lights up Light (Death Note)
  4. Mada Mi nu Koibito (Anego/dorama)
  5. The Heart Comes Apart (D.N. Angel)
  6. My Love Family (D.N. Angel)
That's what I can list right now.. I probably will add more since... well.. the THEME of this month is.... WALTZ! :D Just to make it complete, please play this dance scene ~special edition~ from Final Fantasy IX, uploaded by Carnivol.

So, do you have any other waltz from anime, game, dorama, or movie to suggest? Leave your comment ^_^

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