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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

These Hectic Weeks

The last 2 weeks, I'd been busy on the event I organized. With God's help, it was a successful work, thanks for everybody's help, too.

So, this week, if there's no changing, I will post the last waltz song from an anime that begins with alphabet "B". Guess! :D

Next thing I announce is about the j-store.
There will be a lot of category you can peek. From soundtrack CD, anime T-shirt, artist CD, manga, novel, drawing tutorial book, even... COPIC..?! yes,.. it is. I will also announce whether a product is now cheaper or sale. So, even this store is just an Amazon affiliation, let yourself take a look, who knows you will find things you like. Remember, it's all specific Japanese stuff in my store. ;)

oh, just to add a little progress of my waltz "class", now the two class P4 and P5 have done the training together. Today, they're doing it with music for the first time. Of course they keep fighting, but no more yelling "ewwwwww..." on rejecting the new partner. I keep changing it to make them relax with any partner. :D

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