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Friday, May 15, 2009

Future plans

Well, I just want to give you some hints for what's on j-mAdness in the future. One, there was one more request that will be launch next month.

Two, I'm impressed with Natsume Yuujinchou and planned to make the sheet music of several song/score but time and date will be announced later. This is one of the best, most natural story-telling I've ever read. If you haven't read/watch, I really recommend it. If you need the synopsis, some of my friends featured it at their blogs. Chika-chin is one of them. But if you don't like spoiler too much, read the simpler synopsis at MyAnimeList, at least.

I will also feature score from Naruto Shippuuden. It's almost a year from the first time I made Grief & Sorrow. I was surprised that the score is actively downloaded until today. ^_^ thank you! The second that is mostly downloaded -- Hajimari no Hito, I must thanking Ryvius because of his ability to play piano and review in his own blog help people to get the score. Speaking about Hajimari no Hito, I was just find out that the translation I made in English had been published at Gendou. This is out of my thought and surely a beautiful surprise. Whoever put it there, I'm thanking you. ^_^

Oh, one more thing,...
most of the score/song I made on Clef of G. However, lot of instruments are played at different clef. So, if you need a specific clef, leave a message for me by mentioning what instrument and name of the clef. Simply, Sibelius can transform it in instant. :)

That's all for today. Happy weekend!

ps: I also noticed once j-mAdness was ranked at about 700 at BlogTopList. Thank u very much. Let's make it #500 soon! :D


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Chika-Chin said...

LMAO. There's too much spoilers in my reviews eh? But thanks for the mention. ^^

Make sure you don't miss out the ending theme for Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou when you're working on the scores. Eheheheh... I can't stop humming it.

Oh, and I'm back from my vacation. It was AWESOME. :D

mitayashi said...

i don't mean that XD
what i mean is.. Wikipedia is more like a brief info about general thing over a topic. So if it talks about anime, it won't reveal the story based on episode. However, of course some people prefer to read a synopsis. Making synopsis is a special talent. Honestly, I dislike to make synopsis to my own fiction :D So I respect people who can do that :)

FYI, one of the song from Zoku Natsume had been finished worked with Clavinova. ;)

Chika-Chin said...

Keh keh keh... But if they don't want to read an episodic review there's always the general review in my blog as well. That is, once I finish the episodic reviews... :D

Ooohh... Which one? The ending??? ^^

mitayashi said...

lol, that's tricky.. and quite same thing, except that you summarize it after make synopsis per episode :D

gegegege, i won't reveal now whether it's the opening or the ending ;P

but i'm planning to do the first season as well,.. so.. keep guessing, ok? :D