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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hakubo ~Naruto Shippuuden~ (edit)

I think it was almost a year ago that I made Naruto's score. I chose Hakubo from Naruto Shippuuden since it was unique to play. Hakubo was originally played with (I assumed) erhu and sakuhachi. For replacement for both instruments, I choose violin and pan-flute. As usual, feel free to play with any other instrument.

Argh, sorry for a very short guidance. Yesterday I was already picked up when I wanted to finished the article. The good thing was... it IS holiday in my country (are you, too?) so I can continue now.

Hakubo is a slow pace music though it is quite easy to play. But this is where the challenge lies. Without the ability to put the emotion, the sound may be failed. Comparing to Grief and Sorrow, Hakubo is much slower as the tempo was only 50. With that kind of tempo, Hakubo also an even sad feeling. The use of vibration - especially for woodwinds or strings - will be a vital way to create the feeling. So, if you're a level 4 and 5, please do so.

I hope you're going to enjoy this score :)


Download page: here
Download file: here


Susie Q said...

cool, I love the soundtrack to Naruto! I like how just when I'm almost getting bored with the music, since they repeat the same tracks a lot, they get a new set!

mitayashi said...

lol, glad you like it, Susie!.. I probably still take another score of Naruto Shippuuden to work with.. since the score is beautiful. ^_^