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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kuroshitsuji: character by character (edit)

I enjoy my time 'lurking' at artists who dedicated themselves to draw Kuroshitsuji's characters. These are the people who drew Kuroshitsuji's are mostly around April - May. Enjoy! ^_^

The editing version is to fill my review. I was interrupt with a school meeting so I only had my time to put the links & pictures first.

The most enjoyable to see of this work is the detail of the fashion. It looks really realistic. I feel amaze with the way it was drew, as if the material was soft.

Body proportion is just great and their personalities are portrayed at their faces. The gradation of red is something else that I like in this aya's work.

Maylene was a great character. She looked really typical and I love how the seiyu put character on her voice. This art really hooked me right on my 'laugh nerves' as I remembered how clumsy she was. The coloring looks simple yet the technique is satisfied. You can clearly see the gradation and the shadow.

One of the best re-interpretation of Grell. No sharp-sharp teeth, but just a normal 'human'. Though he looked a bit feminine (the eyes, surely), but overall, I got the impression that he was a real man.

I'm stuck looking at his hair. Really,.. it looked really smooth @_@ and well cut.

Bwahahaha, Pluto is the cutest supporting character aside from Maylene. He was also the only honest creature (if I cannot called him as human...), in the entire story. SnowPirate Roy had made him even cuter in chibi version. :D woof~!

As a closing, wasn't it the best to see Sebastian himself giving a wink to you?

Delicious pictures?
*nod, nod*
So, visit the original links and find out more art from the artists! ^_^ You'll find more interesting works of them.
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