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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pegasus Fantasy -Saint Seiya-


I couldn't stop smiling and laughing (tried to make no one notice at home) when I was working it. The sounds and everything really took me back to my *cough* younger day *cough* if I can say that.

So, this song was done by request and as I promised the person, it took about two weeks. Well sorry, but so many things to be done in real life.

Pegasus Fantasy is a pretty fast song but not a hard one - except for the electric guitar part. I decided not to write that part to cut the confusion with the voice part. And since the interludes are mostly a freestyle. As I had no experience with electric guitar, I will not give further comment.

The song is suitable for beginner to expert, both singer and musicians. Especially for beginner musician, as long as you know and memorize the chords, you'll be fine with the song. The melody was also simple and quite repetitive. But my note for expert (level 4 and 5), please get the piano version from which totally a new arrangement and sound jazzy but powerful. I really suggest you to give a try.

At the end, happy playing and happy j-rock! ^_^



Download page: here
Download file: here


ps: WHOA! We're on rank 6 at My Anime Space and I'm sure we can climb up more. Thanks you for trusting j-mAdness as your mAd sheet music source. I'll always improve to meet your needs. ^_^

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