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Sunday, May 3, 2009

confusion of the .com

The has returned but it does not satisfy me. My friend, Dodo, had worked on it with the help of another CS of the domain company, they both tried to fix from inside and outside. The funny thing was, nobody knew why it went wild yesterday and how it was returned normal. However, there are rumours about why the site had gone crazy. Since it has no relation to this site theme, you are please to read the story at my personal blog.

Since Monday-Tuesday I may be very busy, I probably cannot make a homepage of j-mAdness. Thus, the domain had returned to its position. But, to avoid any situation like yesterday, I will make a backup page from the domain, so it still can link to the blog.

For now,.. I will leave the domain connect to the blog. But still, I encourage you to keep as the URL you link/remember.

Anyway, these are the search engine or community where j-madness' name had been listed (as,, and the store. You can put a keyword as "j-madness", "j-madness, mitayashi", j-madness, store" in case you lost tracking this site:
- Google
- Anime
- reddit
- stumbleupon

The last thing is... thank you Dodo!
You saved the day ^_^

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akash said...

i like ur website. thanks for this comment posting...
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