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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tegami ~by Angela Aki~

For some reasons, I really love Angela Aki. She is a true performers who stands-up brightly without the must of 'being mainstream'. Her voice is clear and her piano playing is also beautiful. For me, this is a perfect combination.

I remembered the first time I recognized her by only heard her voice for Final Fantasy ending theme song (English version) and I was thrilled. After that I kept looking for her new songs. So Tegami, I believe, was a good one. My first impression was -- this song was a ballad. Especially because I got the youtube version where she sang in front of junior high girl students and they all got cried (click to watch). But then I found the complete lyric and translation, and by my own transcribe process, I realized this was not a sad song. Indeed, this piece was an encouragement song. It only had small percentage of minor chords and the bridge - strengthen the song -- made it more cheerful.

I really need times to put the song into 'paper'. The work on Clavinova didn't take too long. The Sibelius took 3 days (my time was limited, though.. ). Setting up the layout was totally mess :D In the end, I felt satisfied with the result.

Even that I didn't really simplified this song, I believe level 2 to 5 can do it. There were no augmented nor diminished chords. So any grade should be able to perform. What you must carefully craft was the bridge part. The rhythm pattern was totally changed and it was played in brilliante and forte.

FYI, I took the strings version to work with (there were 2 versions). I preferred this one because it had more instruments. But, don't stuck yourself with piano and strings. This piece would be nice to hear with any instrument since the message was universal!

You might asked why I put a non-related song here (not from movie, anime, or drama). Lol, yes, this is kinda a personal feeling but... the video-clip below is surely an animation. It counts, right? ;)

The Girl version:

The Boy version (the best one that almost made me fell on tears):

So, happy playing, be strong, and stay ikiteiru!



Download page: here
Download file: here
Video sources: boy version, girl version, Angela Aki version (Video Music)


Anonymous said...

yes.she is the wonderful singer for me.I also really love her. :)nice song and nice heart.

Vi said...

Hi, I love this song and its meaning sooooo much. Can you give me the fife of the music sheet? The bigger photo?
Thank you.

Please send to