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Monday, May 18, 2009


I admitted that I had some difficulties to understand the story, mostly because I suddenly red the 2nd volume in Japanese... Kanji is tough.. :D

Tegamibachi or Letter Bee is a story about a boy name Lag who worked as letter delivery. He was accompanied by Niche and her pet 'Steak'. The journey was done on feet, traveled from city to city, encountered many problems.

So, what made this story worth to read?
The first thing that attracted me was the cover. At the beginning, I thought it was a drama in general, not a shounen-manga. The mangaka, Asada Hiroyuki, gave a 'feminine' touches at the covers (I saw some volumes, except no. 1 at Kinokuniya..). At very least, I'd got a gloomy, yet also romantic, from the covers.

The second thing was the title. Before I red, I already had a sense that this would be about traveling and letter/package delivery. Seeing Lag and Niche at the cover, I knew that they would be the main characters. However, what kind of world were they living? The good news is Wikipedia provided the overall information. At least, I understood why the covers were always set-up in night panorama.

Drawing style was the third thing. If you like Kishimoto's style for Naruto manga, then I think you will enjoy this manga, too. The lines are sharp and clean. Most of the characters looked pretty cute, others were bishounen and bishoujou. For the last part *cough*, this is way better than Naruto. Fashions also looked unique. So I gave extra points.

So, I recommend you to read whether online or buy it.
Happy reading!

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Reading source: Wikipedia
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renaye said...

will be reading this manga soon!

mitayashi said...

oh great! ^_^