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Friday, May 29, 2009

Where else to get anime sheet music?

Somebody asked me where to get anime sheet music aside from my site. I don't mind to share it here. Remember that every site which provides anime sheet music has its characteristic. My style is more to give freedom to musicians to interpret on their own. Most of my work always accompany with chords. This can be help people who wish to make their own arrangement composition or play by different instruments. For musician (pianist and guitarist), the chord should be enough as the clue of notes to play. I usually also give suggestion to be 'playfully' change the style of a song/score, for example from a pop to jazz or even rock.
Now, I list some others here because of course my site has its limitation especially from the amount of the sheet collection. So, here they are:

Anime Sheet Music: their first page said, "...dedicated to accurate and high-quality reproductions of music from various anime and video game titles, directed mostly toward serious musicians who want the best quality performance possible." I think, the message is already clear :D

Anime Chords: this site is suitable for pop pianist and guitarist since it's (mostly) only lyric and chords above it.

Ichigo's Sheet Music: it has huge collection of anime and games sheet music, over 600, so I believe you will get 'fever' of happiness there :D

SODA Sheet Music: another great link that also cover j-pop and k-pop. You can also download a transcribe from a specific transcriber (person).

josh's anime sheet music collection: lists at the very top of Google, this site is probably the most noticed site of anime sheet music.

Anime on Strings: one of the best source that you can get. The blog is very active and on their post on May 9, 2009, one of the transcriber is a professional violinist. So I believe the transcribe will be 'as you hear the original'.

Happy browsing, happy weekend! ^_^

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