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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anime Live Ensemble by (My) Elementary Students

If you follow my blog then you might know that we prepared ensemble for end year concert. As every Friday we always had something (holidays or activities), in the end, all the 'dirty work' for ensemble were done by me.

Correct Composition
As a person whom never get involved with orchestra and arranging for orchestra, I must say that I was the one who needed to learn how to work. At first, we made audition. I consider those who could really read the notes (not reading the finger number above the notes!). This was needed because we had very short time to prepare, 2 months. However, it wasn't enough by only let those who can read pass the elimination. I considered those who's not really well but had good personality. I would like to have the member with calm personality. This is important, so they can put effort to practice without so much emotional clashes. It was proved work well.

I decided to divide the group into 6 actually, but finally, only 5: violin 1 to 4, and percussion. The pianika group failed because they didn't bring their melodeon twice.. and my own percussion members failed in the end because I put an elimination system.

The elimination means that I will erase the person from a group because:
- lack of ability: like unable to identify notes or rhythm, continuously losing concentration and other factors.
- lack of seriousness: they already made a pledge that they will practice every time they could. So if in reality they didn't put any effort, I definitely took them out.
- time was limited. I even use my computer lesson/art time for their practice.

and... it happened. Every time I mention about elimination, they got scared, especially the serious one. :D

The Party
I remembered during the training I rarely joked around with the students. Every time became intense for me since I felt the training was far from my expectation. I just realized they became better about 2 weeks before the final day. But still, it was far from perfect. So I started looked at their performance like handling bow, bowing style, and every detail that I could catch.

I found out that most of them didn't bow properly. The sound was faint and for the worst, it was the Violin 1 (melody). It took long time before they could do it without fear. I guess they were afraid of 'squeak' sound that produced by beginners.

Then, it was the last day rehearsal at school. Most listeners said they became better and better (though the violin pitch was far from good. I couldn't yet tuning.. ehehehe). I realized that I need to throw a party to congratulate them. When I watched Nodame Cantabile, I remembered Milch threw a party as a way to make the member became closer. But for me, this party is needed to strengthen their friendship and as a memorable memory for them. I want them to remember how hard the train was but in the end it was worth it.

The party was not like a party. I only said that the practice was totally bad and ashamed but I showed the small pack of Oreo and the kids started screaming happily. I couldn't hold myself not to laugh and said that everybody got Oreo. They cheered even louder. Thus, I also announced that one of the member got a big chocolate for her dedication. She was actually choosen to play but then decided to off because she had things to do with other teacher. I never expect her back though I felt a big loss of potential player. But only about 2 weeks she came to me and said she would join. After that she practice like crazy. I even asked her to play the hardest part - "the fourth position" - that was written for To Wish Upon A Star.

So it was the last practice. I taped it and decided to upload it to YouTube. It was full of funny moment, as the kids were spontanious acted by their own. :D


Detail about songs can be red here

ps: It was really hard just to try to upload the video. Sorry for taking such a long time! *sweat drop*

ps2: last night we did very well at the concert! sadly, because I was moving around the back stage and help the percussion kids to be always on right beat, I couldn't tape their performance.

ps3: they already asked me what to play next year and the reward. One suggested me to give them "Pop mie" (instant noodle) because they really love it :D

ps4: pictures will be posted later.. probably at my personal blog..

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