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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Butter-fly ~from Digimon Adventure~

Here it comes the latest request, Butter-fly from Digimon Adventure. I am not a fan of Digimon, so I need time to memorize the tune before I can transfer it as transcribe. Just like Pegasus Fantasy, it's quite a fast song, and for sure, a happy song.

A Short Note
I think this song will work best with Level 3 to 5, rather than Level 1 and 2. But it doesn't mean Level 1 and 2 cannot play. You can use this song to practice the speed. E major will be a good challenge for you.

For higher level, play with more improvisation. I believe the result will be superb. ;) Change it into other music style like Bossanova and hear how different the feeling that comes out. Playing with a slower tempo will also change the mood of the song. So, try it. :)

it is now available for both G clef and F clef.

Happy playing~~~!


Download page (old ver.): here
Download file (old ver.): here
Download page (new vers.): here   (for G clef and F clef)
Lyric & translation: here

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