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Monday, June 1, 2009

Juuni Kokki (Novel ver.) & j-mAdness Rank (edit)

Hello, all!

I am -at last- got confirmed to link a download that probably you're going to love to. If any of you had noticed about Juuni Kokki (The 12 Kingdoms) as anime, you might love the novel version, the original one. Thanks to Laila of Juuni Kokki's club owner in deviantArt, I was permitted to share the link with you.

Honestly, I just downloaded it last week without opportunity to print it (oh, will cost too much..) or even check it. The file is quite large and it is not all had been translated. But with big file size, I think it is still worth it.

Happy reading!
Download: here
Credit: jkc-Juuni Kokki's club (deviantArt)
Language: English

PS: I was totally surprised by total visits to j-mAdness on these 2 days. It suddenly raises almost 300% on Sunday (GMT+7). The rank at Blog TopList is also highly jumped into page 7. For the first time, j-mAdness is on the first 10 pages of Blog TopList. Today, j-mAdness is also step up to rank 5 at My Topsite List of My Anime Space. This means for the first time, we're on top 5. The Kuruten Ranking also blast to a nice position. I admit I rarely check my Kuruten, but I don't think I'd ever on the list of < 2000.

Thank you for all of you who help me by keep accessing this site. Thank you for you, new visitors, I hope you will enjoy this site as well. Thank you for all my friends, those who help me even that we're talking only through this Internet, especially Dodo and Niko-kun.

I hope this speed up of rank position will not stuck here, but keep raising. My best offer to you is to keep the quality of this site, providing sheet music transcribe as a universal way to love music. I realize that some of my new visitors are Japanese, so let me write in Japanese (out of grammar, of course..) :D



本当 に ありがとう で ございます、 この blog に 来る から。 うれし よ! ^_^ ここ は 英語 の blog だけ。 アニメ、 マンガ、 ドラマ、 と 日本 の film が review を する。 Sheet music は 色々 ある から、 どうぞ、。。 見て 下さい。

日本語 を (ちょっと) 分かる から、 question & request が いい です。 Comment またわ Cbox に 書いて 下さい。

Happy reading! b^_^d


Laila said...

Laila: Personally I didnt print it, but in 10 days I read animated novels (shadow of the moon - sea of shadow , sea of wind - shore of maze, thousand leaqus of wind - sky of dawn) and tha last novel about Taiki ( shore of twilight - shy of daybreak).

I ma sorry but noone translated whole Wings of spiration and The sea god of sea - the wast of tha west.

I hpe you are not onfused too much by double names - becouse Fuyumi tends to write double books :D

I am sorry that I didnt cathegorized better all novels - here are additional information about novels and translators I have to thank

If I will update translations, it will be in the same folder as this linked file ^^

mitayashi said...

thx laila!
your additional info would be a great help ^_^