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Monday, June 8, 2009

Planning a video presentation...

Actually, I've been busy preparing the school concert and exam. Then I just think about documenting the event as video. Since my previous camera has been year 'abused' by me *LOL* so I can tell that for some part, I really have difficulty with that camera.

I just buy a HI camcoder and it's already digital. But the problem is.. I cannot transfer it into 'flv'. I tried to convert it through but the result is still not good. My digital file is 'mov' type. . If anyone can figure how to fix it, I would be glad to know.

But.. if the plan A (put it on YouTube) is failed, then I just leave the file as 'mov' . I'm still worried, though.. the camcoder seems not really good at a bit dark place.. while the performance, I'm afraid, will be a bit dark. Well, hope things are going well...

I figure out! \^o^/
In the end, I actually need no converter at all... >.>

PS: on Wed, I will post a transcribe from a dorama begins with "M"...

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