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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sanctuary ~from Majo no Jouken~

I'd never watched Majo no Jouken but I remembered how I fell in love to this score. That time, the only version that I got was flash version (not mp3), so I could only listen through my computer. I guess it happened about 6 years ago. :D

Now I bring this beautiful score to you, I hope you like it. The tune is quite simple and I believe the beginners can play as well. Anyway, I already put the chords I feel a bit 'magical' whenever I hear Sanctuary. Maybe you feel different way. Whatever it is, the song wasn't ballad. For your additional information, there are 2 version of this score. One is the piano - as I packed it with the music sheet - and other is the orchestra version which is a bit longer and more magical. The second version was the one that I heard years ago. I choose to transcribe the piano version because it's clearer tunes. So if you want to arrange for orchestra or group, you have the basic structure.

Well, then... happy playing!


Download page: here
Download file: here

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