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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shining ASIMO

Whoa... at last I can write again. Days ago, I surfed at YouTube. Well, it was a high-stress-day, so I really needed some refreshing. After lurking at some trailer of newest Final Fantasy XIII, I lurked to orchestra's performances. Surprisingly, I found a performance where ASIMO from HONDA was involved as... conductor. Wow...

The performance was entertaining, not only because it was a 'smart' robot, but also because it was funny to see how he -- I mean.. it -- interacted with the orchestra member. Whether he was programed or controlled from far away, I could not say. I quite believed it was programed. But I was interesting to watch it again and again because ASIMO really did good job as conductor. His hands movement were clear to see. You could see the beat (right hand) and specific instructions (left hand) that he gave.

So, if any of you want to be conductor, watch this video first! ENJOY!

Youtube page: here

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