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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sprinting Spirit ~Eureka 7~

If it was not because of Ryvius, I might never know about this score.

I would also probably skip Eureka 7 as well but probably, it was a destiny. Sato Naoki was in my list after that. Don't get it wrong. It didn't mean that I always looked for a certain composer before watching the visual stuff (anime/dorama/movie). I usually watched the visual first, got the impression, then looked for the score. But lately, accidently I always found Sato Naoki. :D

Difficulty for Violin

Sprinting Spirit sheet music
I once promised Ryvius that I was going to make the score in sheet. It took long time before I was pretty sure to release because I personally had difficulty to play directly with violin. In that time (around 7 months ago), I hadn't yet learned how to play 'position'. And even autodidactly and naturally I found out how, I wasn't so sure about that. Every time I listened to the music, I could hear that the violin reached some high notes, far beyond that I knew. So I kept pending to transcribe.

There are at least 3 positions that I (personally) used: 4th position, 5th position, and 7th position. I think it depends on your left hand ability to reach. Mine is pretty short, so I tricked it with a quick changing of position. Due to my own experience, I will not suggest to play it for beginners (level 1 and 2). Level 3 may try as a challange. Level 4 and 5 are a must. If you feel confuse with my level standards, here is the easy way: if you are using Suzuki books, the first time you encounter 'position' is at volume 4. That is still 3rd position. Up from Suzuki 4, you will find more positions.

I neutralize the transcribe by removing all violin symbols and finger numbers. If you need help for your position's finger number, you can write it by yourself. The transcribe is as much as possible to give you the freedom to decide for bowing technique (up or down), slur (legato), and fingering. By doing this, other musicians can use this transcribe as well.

The transcribe includes the main sounds that you can hear since it's a sheet for solo. For example, the opening of the score may use viola, violin 2, and violin 1 to work each other. But in my transcribe, I just combine the 3 of them. Improvisation is advised for level 4 and 5 musicians.

Until today, I learn this score for 2 days. I think I show some significant progress. Rather than using my dictate etudes book (which is boring and too formal to me...), I learn faster with this song. :D Maybe because I also enjoy to let my feeling flow with the score.

Additional Info
Sprinting Spirit was heard for first time - if I didn't forget the exact time - at episode 19. But it didn't impress me. I just felt that the score was put on the wrong scene. I expected more extravagant battle scene. Later in other episodes, the placement fulfilled my wish.

The score is quite epic. The sound had a combination of sadness and a will to move on. There were so many minor chords and basically played on C Minor scale. What made it so moved on was the additional piano part and bass (either using piano or contra-bass).

From all the score I had worked in, this was the most challenging one. So, good luck with you and most importantly: Enjoy!

- for those who never experience with 'position', aside from Suzuki vol. 4, you can use Saiunkoku Monogatari Main Theme to practice. It has several position but much lower comparing to Sprinting Spirit. You can use 3rd to 5th position here.
- if you already master Saiunkoku Monogatari Main Theme, you can try 2 Themes from Eureka 7, practice on To Wish Upon A Star. Bar 6th to 11th (or 12th) uses 4th position. The song is slow and this part is quite stable (quite long) before you return to 1st position.
- for pianist, this is a sample of how to play Sprinting Spirit. This version was played by Ryvius. Click here


Download page: here
Download file: here

PS: I'm not a pro violin player. My advises may incorrect. If you're not sure how to play, please discuss with your tutor.


moritheil said...

Excellent timing! There seems to be a small Eureka Seven revival in the anime blogosphere right now. I shall most certainly listen to this.

mitayashi said...

you think so? ^_^
Eureka 7 has lots of nice scores. For Sato Naoki's other works, you must try Water Boys 1 and 2, both are j-dorama, and really moving.