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Friday, July 10, 2009

All about Eve

Owh-key, this time it's all about women in paint/draw. And these are the artists that I picked:

hardotaku (Huang Shan Shan)
"Moon Goddess"

I peeked a little at Huang's gallery and found a significant development of her painting style. This was the most detail work from her and though there were mistakes, I felt this work must appreciate. Next...

gothic-lord (gothiclord-K)
"freebie 4"

Strong lines, yet feminine, it is beautiful to access her works.

Nice manual coloring.

For a 13 years student, I admit this is wonderful. I wonder if my own students can reach the same quality as this work :D Next:

Ezekchiel (Angèle Zachiel)
"light summer"

A simple (digital) drawing but having a good impact. Angèle brings mix of anime style with european drawing into nice form. The anatomy and dress coloring are truly 'european touch' but I just feel great with it. She is a fashion designer, I suppose ;)

Oh, should I mention that all artists today are women and age bellow 20?

Anyway, have a great weekend. I'm quite busy these days. I just upgrade my computer so hopefully, I don't need to access my laptop for work and internet. A little problem is still occure: the wireless internet doesn't work. T_T I'm still working on it. ;)

And.. please click at the artist URL so you can see their previous or latest works.

~ all pictures are directly relied to the original pages. This means I didn't collect them by downloading the pictures. You can check by right-click your mouse at the picture and see at the Properties. All drawing belongs to the artist (URLs are included).~

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