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Friday, July 31, 2009

Anime/Manga: Drawing & Coloring Face

Well, well, this is the only time I can online for this week. I decide to bring you some tutorials that are useful for you. I once also learned from here and.. many tutorials that I found in deviantart are helpful so I recommend some of them to you. If you like, you can actually search by yourself. There are bunch of tutorials from computer graphic to manual hand drawing.

The tutorials that I list here are for computer graphic.

1. Drawing Anime Face by Crysa

2. Anime Eye Coloring Tutorial by gchanmaiden

3. Tutorial: Coloring Anime Faces by deviantbluebug (specifically a tutorial on lips coloring)

4. Skin Coloring Tutorial by apchi

I hope these would help you improve your skill. Good luck and ENJOY!

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