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Thursday, July 2, 2009


go to her deviantart page, scroll down to "Webcam"
and there is the tutorial located

I consider myself lucky to find her at deviantart. Due to my compact activities lately, I couldn't make a small interview with her but I got agreement from her to write here ;). However her works are superb to see. And the most important thing is.. she always give you tutorials at her front page.

So, who's she?
Her nick is apricot8585. Her name or maybe nickname is Chisami. Well I'm not really sure but the email address was written like that. Right now she's preparing her own website. She's not really fluent in English but her blog is using both English and Japanese so I think it can help you a bit.

I've been a bit late to follow her so I am not really sure how she update her Tutorial part. But seems she will update the tutorial if she has a new art to post. Therefore, you can see how she proceeded her work. Don't worry, it is always written in English :)

So, visit her deviantart for tutorial and don't forget to peek at her website! ^_^

Chisami at deviantart: here
Chisami's personal website including blog: here

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