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Monday, July 20, 2009


So many things happened, I'm sorry that I post late. We're having golden weekend here and in sudden I just want to enjoy it but cannot really enjoy it for some reason. Anyway, I just open my Twitter after days I don't have time for it, and quite surprised with so many people follow me now.

Request progress
I am in the middle of working the requests. So far, the official requests are two. Another one is still on confirmation. I think I can fulfill all request slots soon :D

"Sprinting Spirit" progress
My fight to master the song with violin is still in the middle of the way. With some errors and suggestions, I am going to share with you especially for intermediate-beginners (level 3) how to work with 'positions' especially when you encounter "5th" to "7th". There will be more surprise due to Sprinting Spirit. ;)

Working with new computer
One reason why I also vanish a lot is because I'm trying to master my new computer. Transferring data also takes time since I try to organize everything more neatly. Please, please, please be patient with me. >.<

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