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Monday, July 13, 2009

You want to learn Japanese?...

Yes, you want to learn Japanese or any other language? Do you even want to help some people learning specific language? I found the place for that. Register yourself to Livemocha. It's free. You can learn any language that interest you. You can ask people to review your writing task. You can also gain points.

So, how do it work?
Each language has lessons, From beginner to advance. Let say that you're still a beginner. The lesson for beginner will be separate into 5 lessons for you to finish. It's not only reading and hearing, you're also being asked to write. You'll get points as you finish each lesson.

Now, this is the fun part. If you're a native or advance in that language, you can give your comment or being asked to give it. Being a teacher means.. you get some points. It's called "teacher's score".

Those points will lead you to medals. This is to honor your accomplishment from Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

I just joined and for me, it is fun. The course is pretty challenging. Hearing, reading, writing, and... flashcard. Lol, surely the flashcard is my favorite :D

So if you want to learn language, you can consider Livemocha as your choice. Hopefully we'll meet there. Uh, my nick there is.. mitayashi. No surprise..?


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