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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yasuharu Takanashi: welcome to the dark world

I might not really realize that I've heard his work when I watched Jigoku Shoujo. I must admit that several score really hooked my sensitivity. The weight of the sounds and composition surely made Jigoku Shoujo succeeded as a psychological drama/horror.

The second time I heard his works, of course, through Naruto Shippuuden which really took Naruto into a deeper feeling. Takanashi didn't only bring Shippuuden into a mature feeling but also a serious drama.

Genji - a PS game - was the third time I 'accidently' found Takanashi. But in that period, I didn't know that he was the composer. However, I already had been impressed with the sound of the scores which gave me the thrill during playing. Ah, I think I must be honest here. I'm not a good player so even a game that quite easy like Genji really took time and shorten my lifespan because I was so stress during playing :D However, again, the music really gave me the impact. I won't feel the game so lively if the score wasn't Takanashi's work, maybe.

Other Works
I tried to find out more about Takanashi. I found an interesting data that beside working for anime and games, he was also working for Toho. You know the human sci-fi action story like Gogle V (rrr... sorry that the sample is the classic one)? Well, he worked the music for a kind of entertainment. According to, he worked on The Gransazers (2003), The Justirisers (2004), and The Gransazers: Super Battle Memory (2005). According to, Takanashi worked on Zeonic Front: Kidou Senshi Gundam 0079 (2001). His other work for video game, as mentioned at game-ost, entitled Guilty Gear (1998, 2005). But maybe, he was well known with Angelique since he was mostly worked in that video game (source:

What I think interesting from Takanashi is that his work has characteristic of deep, dark, and sounded etnical. Both Naruto, Jigoku Shoujo, and Genji has similar taste. It sounds pretty japanese etnic music, it made the story darker, and surely it is all beautiful. In the three works of him, I can mostly hear the japanese traditional instruments like the flute, combining with western orchestra.

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