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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Adjusting to a new life schedule..

It might sound like an excuse but.. that is the truth that I'm facing right now. I'm no more working as a 'laid back' teacher where I have less paper work. I suddenly have a lot of thing to do, especially paper works and it really hard for me since I'm not yet used to it.

I'm sorry that I abandon - if I can say that - to update the things here. Due to non-stop activities from June, my health was far from healthy. I eventually lost my voice, my health several times dropped, and now I lost my voice again - thanks to the lower level elementary students whom having same level with my voice so I need to shout out... >.>

Believe it or not, I only touched my piano only once from June. I never practice for my violin course. Every time I come there, I already feel exhausted. Lucky that the teacher understands my situation and for a student whom almost never read classic notation for 2 months, yesterday I played quite ok :D (well, I almost forget where the notes are, actually... just use my instinct though.. hehehehe)

Like it or not, I must declare that I have to slow down a little. I have to re-schedule everything for j-mAdness. But whatever that are already on the list like requests, will remain in list-to-do. I hope you all can pay a little patient with me. I won't promise anything but I try to constantly write here, at least by end of the week (well, sometimes I still have to come to school on weekend -_-" ). But I really hope that I can write twice a week starting October.

Please pray for my health and for a clear mind so I can continue my work in my real life and here. I love you all and I still want to share a lot of thing with you ^_^

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