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Saturday, September 26, 2009


quarterly chart: increasing views
Whoa! a year!
Hahaha, I never thought that I can pass a year with lot of surprises. I remember it was only to share my Music Demo project because I felt pity if the sheet music was just kept with me. I developed the blog with small plan and after a year I realized that I changed it (too) much :D

Having 21000 views surely nothing comparing to other blogs and website. For me, it is a bless. I remember that the first 3 months I only gather 100 views. :) Sheet music blog is already common. The competition is rather tight. There are better web and blog which give you professional sheet music. I decide to keep my work as my style which is simplified. You mostly only get the melody with chords. The sheet is also a 'generic' which any instruments as long as it is played on clef of G. I left the sheet with no specific signs such as legato and finger number. You have to decide by yourself. This - I hope - can sharpen your musical EQ and IQ (huhhhh...?!).

As the blog starts to grow (slowly hahahaha!), I decide to add new 'service' for you. Recently I put interest to listen to games' soundtrack. So, we'll see which of it I can transcribe here for you (Oh, do you see that I also put j-games to the header?). Anyway, for those who loves to draw, I also had a friend who let his line-art to be colored. I had posted some tutorial on how to draw and color, now it's your turn to take the challenge. I'll post about it later :D

Again, thank you very much for keep coming here!

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