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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sprinting Spirit (for advance violinist) - Eureka 7

Sprinting Spirit sheet musicIf you follow my posts, you know that I already posted Sprinting Spirit from Eureka 7. That one was written as a general transcribe which mean, any instrument in Clef of G can play. So whoever play piano, guitar, violin, keyboards, electone, organ, can use that version of transcribe. I also purposely never put any dynamic, accents, finger numbers, or other signs, in order to let you to decide by yourself how you want to play it. And anyway, if the sheet is for a general use of any instrument, it will be hard to follow. For example, finger numbering system for piano is totally different to violin.

So, today, I specially release the transcribe for violin only. You will see that I really put legato signs and even finger numbers. I once had explained how hard this composition (here) including some tips for violinist. I will not repeat them. Just a little additional tips from me:
- other than practice with theme from Saiunkoku Monogatari and "Two Themes from Eureka 7", the best is by practicing scales. Ask your mentor to teach you G scale in:
  • 1-3-5 position from playing playing that positions in E string only; E and A; E-A-D; and whole strings.
  • 2-4-6 position
  • 1-3-5-7 position
  • warming up yourself by playing G scale on 1-3-5-7 maybe about 10 minutes before playing Sprinting Spirit
  • well, playing scale might be bored, but.. you can stabilize your fingers with this training. I personally take 2 months on scales just to make sure I can reach all important positions. Especially because I'm a left-hand person, it takes time for me to stabilize my left fingers and bowing hand. Bowing hand (right hand) can be very annoying for me, since I hardly stabilize them at high tones. So I believe you can progress much better if you're a right hand person.
So, happy playing and ENJOY!


Download page: here
Download file: here

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