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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Here To Stay ~from Bleach~

One of the 'saddest' song from Bleach. I totally enjoy the tunes. The sound was simple though the you can really feel the electronic influence in it. The piano sound did not sound like an acoustic one but from a keyboard, so did with the strings. It was totally sounded as been played using keyboard. For that reason, I did not put this score as philharmonic orchestra but simply "pop instrumental".

Some Notes for You

The music is pretty easy. I am sure the beginner can play either using piano, keyboard, violin, guitar.. anything. Actually working on this score is quite amusing me. I need to separate the main sounds with the backgrounds. Those that you see in my transcribe are only the main tune that I heard. Any ornamental sounds are ignored even when it sounded like the main tune.

Anyway, at the last part ("D" part), the violin and piano plays together. Violin part is played at the higher tune while the piano takes the lower one. It will stop at the half of bar 39th.

Happy playing!


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