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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Will You Color Me...?

For you, who wants to become a mangaka or illustrator, I think you had seen some of recommendation article from me -- from how to draw a face to make a digital coloring.

But sometimes we lost our precious time for work and you must sacrifice a little of your time for your hobby. It happened to me. Recently, I only could coloring. So, crazily, I looked through deviantart, any artist whom kindly let us coloring their line art. Lucky, I found many of them. Even a club! (for detail, check my dA account)

So, these are the sample of work and artists who let their work to be used for coloring. Note that some of them, and even most of them are asking for their name to be credited if you finish it. I think it's a good deal. Some are asking to link back to them. These artists will feature your coloring version to their account. So they can track how many and how different each artist worked on that line art. My advise if you're looking in deviantart, you better make an account so you can easily track the line art and confirm to the artist that you use their work.

So, these are the artists:


This is a cute work and I love the clean lines. If you're a beginner, this picture suits you the most.

Either you work traditionally or digitally, I believe the result will be superb. So just go on. 

Go to download this picture: here

The lines are clear and I think you will need a lot of time to finish it. Well, don't drop your spirit. This is a training of becoming patient. The good thing is -- for digital artist -- the download file format is psd (photoshop). I think you can work on it easier. For traditional artist, I believe you will enjoy to color on such detail.

Go to download this picture: here

 The picture is quite complicated but you will enjoy to color it since the lines are very clear. Not only this picture, skyzen lets visitors to color his works as long as you agree to link back and credit him. I discussed about coloring with him personally and he is willing to give you advise if you ask.

Go to download this picture: here

My version of coloring (left)

and my favorite style by nener:

So, happy coloring!


Salichan said...

Ahh, nice post :)
I am only colouring and Deviantart offers really nice linearts!
I am also a member of the club you mentioned :D

Maybe you will find a picture you like and color it yourself :)

mitayashi said...

hahahahha! thanks! whoa, so i meet another member from the same club :)
oh, yes i found some and plan to color... though will takes time for me :D