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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cleaning Line Art in Digital Art Work

Cleaning lineart by RedPriestUsadaWell, though today I'm totally down because I'm exhausted, I think this is the only chance I can update the site.

So, I found a very interesting work of Red Priest Usada from deviantart. She is very talented and she released several tutorial and.... she permitted me directly to link her tutorial to this site. That's good, right?!

So, I found that cleaning traditional line-art might hard to do by beginners and her tutorial, hopefully, can help you. She gave a clear instruction and description; I am sure you will understand it in instant.

Have fun, enjoy!


Go to the page: here
To download, click Download at the left side of the page.

P.S: Thanks, Red Priest Usada! ^_^


Anonymous said...

um. what software is this? pls someone tell me. i want it...

mitayashi said...

The artist used Photoshop for processing the digital work, both cleaning lines and coloring.